Sterigma Oy has started to deliver solid wooden biofuels to the first customers back in 2008. Since then biofuel market have rapidly developed and shown exponential growth. Currently it plays a significant role in Climate Change mitigation and we are in Sterigma are proud being a part of this process as a green fuel supplier.

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Wood pellets

Wood pellets are currently the most efficient and popular wooden biofuel across the world. Sterigma Oy offers two types of this fuel.

  • Premium wood pellets packed in small and big-bags in trucks or containers.
  • Wood pellets for industrial use delivered in bulk by truck, rail or vessel.

Forest energy chips

Wood harvesting residues and low-quality unprocessed logs are first air-dried and then chipped or crushed according to customer needs. This fuel is delivered mostly by trucks and vessels to huge and medium-sized CHPs.  

Industrial wood residues

Sterigma Oy supplies bark, sawdust and chipped wood processing residues as a wooden fuel to various heat and power station types. 

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