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Sterigma Oy provides its customers with sustainable and environmentally friendly wood products and solutions since 1996. Together with our partners we develop safe and diverse bioeconomic products and services that create a better future. We are experts in industrial biofuel supply since 2008.

Our products

Sawn timber

We provide our clients with sawn timber made from spruce, pine, Siberian larch, birch, and aspen. Our product range includes multiple dimensions and various quality types of sawn timber which have been precisely sawn, carefully dried and packed to satisfy our customer needs.

Wood-fibre materials

We supply large amounts of various wood-fibre raw-materials of softwood (pine & spruce) and hardwood (birch & aspen) species. Bulk products (wood chips and sawdust) are mainly side-products of sawmilling. They meet the high quality and origin requirements of pulp and fibreboard mills. 

Bioenergy products

We have started to deliver solid wooden biofuels back in 2008. Since then, the biofuel market has rapidly developed and shown exponential growth. Currently, it plays a significant role in Climate Change mitigation and we are proud of being a part of this process as a green fuel supplier.


Wood is a unique, renewable and carbon-neutral material. The products we produce are based on sustainable forest exploitation. After the materials are sawn, the remaining parts are used for the ecological fuel purposes, nothing is left for the waste.


Our company is FSC® certified (licence code FSC-C167222). Sterigma Oy was assesed against FSC-STD-40-004 standard.

Sterigma is awarded” The Strongest in Finland” certification provided by Suomen Asiakastieto Oy, the leading Finnish business and credit information provider. The award is granted only to the companies demonstrating credit ranking AAA or AA+ at least for 3 consecutive years.

AAA is the Highest Creditworthiness ranking
by Bisnode.

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